911 Average response time in US cities:
8:36 min
Save lives before help arrives.

Our mission

Our mission is to save lives!

Analysis of thousands of life-threatening emergency events in the US and around the world reach a single common conclusion – the reaction speed of first responders involved is critical to their ability to save lives and significantly reduce the number of casualties and injuries. The critical time to respond quickly in order to save lives in such horrific events is measured in minutes.

Based on publicly available data, the average time for first responders to arrive at the scene is 8-10 minutes. Upon arriving at the scene, the first responders generally require

additional time to assess the situation before acting. Unfortunately, in most cases, most of the casualties and injuries occur before the first responders are on the scene and engaged.

Understanding this reality, Golden Minutes’ experts developed a new approach to incorporate the people present and impacted in these events. Our training and consulting services are designed to enable and equip these very people to respond first in life threatening events.

Who we are?

Golden Minutes founded by leading professionals in the fields of Security, Self-Defense, Risk-Management, Crisis management, Medical Emergency Care, and Management Consulting. Our experts have accumulated decades of practical and instructional experience in their respective fields from their service in the armed forces, and law enforcement both domestically and abroad.

We appreciate the first response system and have the deepest respect for the commitment, talent, and quality of the first responders.

Therefore, we understand the inherent constraints of the system which in turn made us realize that a new concept needed to be applied in the first and most critical moments of an emergency crisis – these are the golden minutes to save lives.

Golden Minutes was established first and foremost to share our professional expertise and experience with the law-abiding citizens and communities, providing our unique instructional methods to enable them to save lives.